Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hand-me-down claymore

I very recently traded in a gaming mousepad for a wooden claymore made by one of my maker buddies. Long story short, he didn't want me to pay for it and I didn't want to get it for free, so it's a fair trade in a sense.

It was decked out in these red gems (which I didn't feel suited the costume it was going to go with) so I set off to completely repaint the thing and give it a few minor modifications.

I'm generally quite terrible at thinking of detailing designs, but after trying out a whole load of things I ended up with this one.

Having just gotten a heat gun recently, stripping off the gems and glue was a breeze. Sadly I used a bit of a too high heat setting and the paint bubbled a bit. In the end I decided to sand off the blade's paint and use thinner to strip off the rest.

 Using 3D fabric paint is the worst. You have to have an insanely steady hand for it. After maybe 5-6 attempts to draw it on properly, I finally got down something decent. (though I'm still not entirely satisfied with it) and left it to dry overnight.

After scraping off a little bit of access paint, which was easily done with a boxcutter blade, I decided to do a paint test. Not really the best considering I didn't have the right shade of paint to get that gold lustre, it looked somewhat decent despite the slight lumpiness.

LSP approves!