Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[Review] Do thine eyeballs good; CooperVision Contacts

If you have ever cosplayed (or attempted to cosplay) you would have at least once gone down the slippery path of getting contact lenses. These are quite necessary to portray your characters properly, unless you were somehow born with the innate ability to colourshift your eyes at will; in which case I'm severely envious of you :P

At any rate getting and wearing contacts have always been a challenging thing for me because I have a prescription that's so terrifyingly high that I'm halfway to being declarable as legally blind. Sadly my eyes are also the kind that easily irritate which tend to puff up when I put in contact lenses of any brand, prescription or colour. The result was pretty much always the same. This has ruined my pictures on multiple occasions and has been something I cannot avoid due to being a blind bat.

My eyeware doesn't help either. My glasses are heavy and leaves horrible red indents on either side of my nose which I'm sure is probably scar tissue by now :(
Spectacle face!
Contacts probably sound like rubbish. And they can be, if you get cheap unbranded lenses without proper regard to your needs. Still sounds scary? oh alright. Let me tell you a couple of things I've heard and learned over the years of wearing contacts:

- My eyes will get permanently damaged because of contacts.
+ If you fail to clean them properly and like to scratch your eyes maybe, but the lenses themselves do no harm when taken care of with the appropriate hygiene and actually following the wearing periods listed on the box. No keeping for later!

-They kinda hurt; a lot.
+ Given that lenses are now very soft and breathable, this is pretty much a thing of the past as long as they're from a reputable brand. Most of the time you forget they're even there.

-They are impossible to wear and take off.
+ Everything takes practice. Contacts are no different. They may be awkward to wear at first, but once you get used to it, they pop in and out almost no effort at all :D

-I have astigmatism. I am screwed :(
+This is something I didn't learn till fairly recently; there are indeed lenses for those with astigmatism, called toric lenses. They're not much different from regular lenses so the usual procedures in getting them applies, if just a slightly longer wait if you have an odd prescription.

-Contacts are too troublesome.
+These days you only need one bottle of solution to keep your lenses fresh and clean. If that's too much for you, daily lenses are even easier to handle; wear them once, toss them out when done. Rinse and repeat.

Now that isn't so bad isn't it? 

Enter CooperVision Biomedics 1 day Extra lenses:

CooperVision has you covered with a large range of multifocal, daily, or toric lenses for every prescription and lifestyle!
Biomedics® 1 day Extra, a daily disposable contact lens from CooperVision. Designed for all day comfort, these lenses are a great starting point for those new to lenses or monthly lens users who want a more convenient option. Hit the link to find out more about their toric lenses!

So what makes them different from regular lenses?
  • 55% water content
  • Comfortable lens wear for up to 16 hours 
  • Healthier eyes (replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health)
  • No-hassle convenience – no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses
  • Reduced effects of allergies - allergens have less time to build up on daily lenses
What's the pricing like?
To be perfectly honest, it really depends on your prescription. So it's best to head to your nearest CooperVision practitioner to find out more! They've all over the Klang Valley so you're likely to find one in your near vicinity.

What I think about CooperVision's lenses
To be perfectly honest I was a bit sceptical at first, having an overall bad experience with contact lenses as a whole. But two weeks with these lenses have turned my entire perception of them on it's head!

I initially thought that daily lenses would be quite troublesome but as it turns out I've never had more comfortable lenses. They don't cause any reactions, and they fit so well they barely move till it's time to come off. 

Half the time I actually forget they're there; to the point I actually think I'm still wearing glasses sometimes (it's especially awkward when it's time for bed. I almost forget to take them off even) Best part, they're actually pretty hassle free as it comes. Pop on for the day, pop off when you're done. I didn't even need eyedrops for the most part.

Farewell nose ornament!
If you would like to give it a try yourself, CooperVision is offering a FIVE (5) Day trial! Just fill up your particulars and head on to your nearest redemption outlet to pick up your set!

Disclaimer: In return for this review, I received free trial CooperVision contact lenses. All opinions and experiences stated above are mine with the exception of CooperVision supplied information and various resources.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Been away, now I'm back!

Hey everyone, I've finally decided to stick my head back into the blogosphere :)

It's been a rough few months. Busy enough that I haven't had time to really sit down and write with a healthy dash of crazy severe enough to put me in the non-writing mood ^^; so I apologize for suddenly disappearing.

I know, I don't blog much anyway, but I'm gonna start trying to get more content up, including reviews of random stuff ;) stay tuned!