Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The hell called Carousell

I'll be totally honest here. I love online shopping a bit too much. I remember scouring eBay, Lelong and wherever whatnot for stuff that I probably shouldn't be buying or at least things that I probably won't be buying anyway. I find it oddly theraputic, just scrolling about looking at stuff.

Then I discovered Carousell.
The app has been around for a fair amount of time and I had some friends using it. At first I was really skeptical about it (I prefered for selling things tbh, its a lot faster) but decided to try it out anyway because it seemed like a nice lazy way to get things sold fast. Preloved makeup especially.

All was fine at first when all I did was just buy stuff. I'm not a particularly fussy buyer (well, aside from the fact I refuse to buy lip products because ew, unsanitary) and I like to get transactions over and done with fast because less things hanging loose means I get my stuff faster right?

Then I started selling stuff, that's when I got a lot of weirdness coming out of the woodwork. In any user to user selling site, you are bound to find one of these people:

1. Lowballers
2. People who joybid then disappear
3. Extraordinarily fussy buyers
4. Sellers selling fake goods (and claiming they are real)
5. HEY LETS SWAP (when you aren't open for swaps to start)
6. People who don't understand how to behave when doing a transaction, e.g reserving something then dropping out due to "lack of interest" or simply disappearing without a word after you respond to them.


Bonus: Singaporean Carousellers following my page even though there's no way for me to actually sell them things O___O

Bonus 2: I actually got sold fake stuff thinking they were real, and paying the actual price for it. Something I will detail in another post.

But I DO like Carousell for a few things:

1. Easy way to search for listings
2. Simple way to upload listings
3. Straightforward and eyepleasing
4. Often goods are a fair bit cheaper than on the shelves
5. Good for lazy old me I suppose.

I've purchased a fair bit of things (for one I seem to like samples) for cheaper and I honestly don't mind preloved makeup as long as its not something used on the lips. Heck, this is where I get most of my funky hairdye.

Bottom line is, I REALLY HATE CAROUSELL AS A SELLER but at the same time its too convenient for me to give up as a buyer =_= for the most part I've become inactive but I still check time to time...

So what do you think about the app? have you gotten a taste of the crazy too?

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